Definitions for "HSA"
The main protein constituent of human serum. It has no prosthetic group and is soluble in water and dilute salt solution. It is sometimes used in the treatment of shock, hypoproteinemia, and erythroblastosis fetalis.
Human Subjects Activity
Human Serum Albumin. A plasma protein very important in maintaining fluid balance in the Blood. Important in maintaining Blood pressure, regulating fatty acids, and hormone transport. Clinical uses include Blood volume replacement during shock, serious burns and surgeries, as an adjunct during kidney dialysis and carrying drugs through the Bloodstream.
High-Speed Adapter. Subchannels on an eserver zSeries 900.
Host SBus adapter board - now the GT SBus Adapter board.
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Health and Safety at Work Acts
Health Saving Account. A HSA is an account established to pay for qualifying medical expenses under the heath insurance deductible. It is available to anyone covered under a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).
Health Service Accreditation
Haitian Student Association
History Students Association
Handicapped Scuba Association. Worldwide independent certification agency for persons with disabilities and their able-bodied "dive buddies."
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Humboldt State University "A"
The maximum permitted headsail area.
Hospital Service Area. HSAs are towns where almost everyone treated in a hospital receives treatment in their local hospital. Maine has 31 HSAs.
A geographical area assigned to Weather Service Forecast Office's/Weather Forecast Office's that embraces one or more rivers.
Office of Safety
High School Assessments : End-of-course tests produced by the Maryland State Department of Education, aimed at raising academic standards in all Maryland public high schools.