Definitions for "HRM"
Human Resource Management or Human Resource Manager. (Previously known as Personnel or Personnel Manager)
The Human Resource Management Department at UCT.
S — Human Resources Management System.
High Reactivity Metakaolin. Refined form of an ASTM C618, Class N (natural) pozzolan. A high performance, mineral admixture, similar in performance to silica fume, additionally comparable in cost. Pure white powdered in form will, not effect the natural color or darken concrete as silica fume does. Suitable for high-performance color matching in architectural concrete. Dosage at 5% to 10%, of cement by weight. No bleed water, better finishability, more creamy, cleanup is easier with slightly higher 28 day strengths and 25% - 35% less plasticizer is required than silica fume.
Halifax Regional Municipality, a territory which includes all of Halifax County.
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Heart Rate Monitor