Definitions for "Hourly"
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st√ľndlich, jede Stunde
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the work period that determines a rate of pay by the hour; an hourly worker employees paid by the hour are hourly workers. Workers paid for the number of items they produce (piece work) are piece workers. definition of hourly defined definition of hourly worker defined definition of hourly workers defined definition of piece work defined
Those employees who work on a unit basis of pay with hour as the unit. n-Core Update: In-Core update allows you to see the effect of all transactions in the queue for an employee and related appointments, or position and related assignments, as of the supplied effective date. ob Class: A category of duties and responsibilities as defined by WSU or the HEPB. (Also known as title description.)
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every hour; "daily, hourly, I grew stronger"
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occurring every hour or payable by the hour; "hourly chimes"; "hourly pay"
Happening or done every hour; occurring hour by hour; frequent; often repeated; renewed hour by hour; continual.
Every hour; frequently; continually.
a significant examination given during the course of the semester (Sometimes called a "mid-term").