Definitions for "Hotspot"
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Hotspots are public areas, such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, where end users can access the Internet via a mobile device.
an area covered by an access point providing a wireless internet connection. HPNA Home Phone Networking Alliance HTPC
Refers to an area under wireless LAN or Wi-Fi coverage. Also see Wi-Fi.
An area of the computer screen display that is sensitive to a mouse click or other user input. Hotspots are typically revealed to the user by a cursor change, and when clicked will trigger another action.
A region on an image map that, when clicked, opens another web page or Internet site.
An area of an image file that contains an embedded hyperlink. See also: ( Hyperlink, Link)
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The expression at the Earth's surface of a mantle plume, or column of hot, buoyant rock rising in the mantle beneath a lithospheric plate.
a place of political unrest and potential violence; "the United States cannot police all of the world's hot spots"
a lively entertainment spot
A segment of genomic DNA that shows a high propensity to undergo mutation either spontaneously or under the action of a particular mutagen.
a site in the genome at which the frequency of mutation (or recombination) is very much increased, usually by at least an order of magnitude relative to neighboring sites
In genetics, an area of DNA that is likely to mutate (change).
a embroidered patch with a
a patch with a subtle Velcro backing designed specifically to adhere to EveryWear Technology fabric
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Sun's next-generation just-in-time compiler. It is designed to allow Java programs to run as fast as compiled C++ applications.
The destruction of fine image detail on a portion of a wide-angle aerial photograph. It is caused by the absence of shadows and by halation near the prolongation of a line from the sun through the exposure station.
Sun's JIT.
a group of infected plants located amid relatively healthy ones
a hypertext link to another location on the same page or to another page
a region of magmatism or elevation that has been deemed to be anomalous in some respect because of its volume or location
a mark on an infrared satellite image that gives the appearance of burning vegetation
a pixel in an infrared satellite image that contains the spectral signature of burning vegetation
a Windows application for remote alerting, tracking and graphing of environmental conditions in server rooms, datacentres and specialist environments such as laboratories and warehouses where a stable environment is crucial
A land use that generates highly contaminated runoff with concentrations higher than those typical to stormwater.
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an enlarged view of an object or scene within the panorama
an invisible field on the terminal screen where a user can tap with a stylus to execute a function
A particularly active part of a fire.
An active part of a wildfire.
A particular active part of a fire.
a physical address where people can connect to a publ
a localized network with a limited range (within an establishment or a local neighborhood, servicing the immediate vicinity)
a word that has a generally neutral meaning but carries a negative connotation for some of us
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The part of a line which should be positioned at a specified height. See also: line