Definitions for "Horner's syndrome"
One or more of the following findings, indicating sympathetic dysfunction: uneven pupils, with more constricted pupil on side of lesion. mild drooping of the eyelid (weak tarsal muscles in upper lid produce little " ptosis") on side of lesion. hot, flushed, dry skin on same side of face as lesion. The lesion is always on the same side as the findings. However the lesion can interrupt the sympathetic system at different levels: reticulospinal tracts of brainstem/spinal cord; intermediolateral column at T1-2; superior cervical ganglion; postganglionic sympathetic fibers, etc.
Drooping of the lower eyelid and protrusion of the third eyelid caused by damage to the nerve supply in the eye.
loss of the sympathetic innervation to the eye causing miosis, ptosis, enophthalmos and anhydrosis