Definitions for "Hops"
Keywords:  lupulus, humulus, bitter, beer, brews
Hops provide the characteristic bitterness and contribute to the aroma of the beer.
Hops are the cone-like flowers of the female hop vine, and are used to balance the sweetness of the malts with the bittering qualities of the hop resins. See the Hop Page for further details.
The dried blossom of the female hop plant which is a climbing herb ( Humulus lupulus).
Number of nodes the data must pass through before it reaches its destination. This value is used to determine the most efficient route.
The amount of connections in between the source and destination. The traceroute command can be used with most operating systems to see how many hops it takes to reach a destination.
The number of computers a packet travells through to reach it's destination. The number of computers between your local and the remote computer.
As A Treatment"...), flavonoid glycosides like rutin, tannins and phenolic acid among its identified active constituents..."
Heads of Public Services (UC --AUL's for public service serve on this committee)
Heads of Public Service A committee of the SOPAG (Systemwide Operations and Planning Group) all campus groups. See the HOPS web page for more information.
Long known for its remarkable sedating powers, hops has long been used by insomniacs and those who suffer from anxiety.
Insects (AOAC 967.23) Average of more than 2,500 aphids per 10 grams DEFECT SOURCE: Pre-harvest infestation SIGNIFICANCE: Aesthetic
Tremendous jumping ability Note: Also known as Ups
Jumping ability. A player who regularly jumps out of the gym is said to possess "serious hops".
Firming, Astringent, Antiseptic, Moisturizing
The number of receive and transmit points in transmitting from one location to another.