Definitions for "Hopefully"
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adv. A perfectly sensible word, as usage guides have routinely noted. But its quick rise in popularity in the 1960s led it to be widely attacked by self-styled language purists, who usually argued that one couldn't tell what the adverb was modifying as it was typically deployed ("Hopefully it'll stop raining soon."). But the same charge can be brought against many adverbs, which often modify entire statements (see, for instance, the entry on sentence adverbs in M-W). Despite lacking a rational basis, disdain for the term lingers.
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Hopefully means "full of hope." Do not use it to mean "I hope" or anything of the sort. (Margaret watched hopefully as the lotto numbers were drawn...not, Hopefully, my lotto numbers will come up.)
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it is hoped; "hopefully the weather will be fine on Sunday"
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I hope; if all goes well; as, hopefully, the dress will be ready before the party.
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In a hopeful manner.