Definitions for "hoops"
The game of basketball.
A nickname for basketball. Named for the tiny (or so it seems when you're trying it hit it, even though Coach insisted one could put three basketballs through it at once) round metal object that basketball players try to shoot the huge orange ball through.
a redemption game and rewards players with tickets that can be redeemed for cool prizes in our great prize counter
Construction usually made as a petticoat with metal or wooden inlets for achieveng a desirable shape of skirt. In Elizabethan fashion the more common term for this is farthingale.
The strips of metal or chestnut wood which hold the barrel together. Galvanized steel is the most common material used, and the ends of each strip are riveted together. The French term is cercles. (See diagram.)
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a mid-major type slasher who went from New York to Genesis One down south
(n) A software program that can generate, display, and transfer computer graphics data in a compatible format.