Definitions for "Hooper"
Hooper is a 1978 comedy motion picture based loosely on the experiences of director Hal Needham, a one-time stuntman in his own right, and serves as a tribute to stuntmen and stuntwomen in what was at one time an underrecognized profession.
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One who hoops casks or tubs; a cooper.
One who made hoops for casks and barrels
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The European whistling, or wild, swan (Olor cygnus); -- called also hooper swan, whooping swan, and elk.
Hooper is the mascot of the NBA's Detroit Pistons. He generally appears as a horse wearing a Pistons jersey. The symbolism is that as pistons, the team produces horsepower, hence the equine mascot.
Hooper was a British coachbuilding company based in London. It was founded as Adams and Hooper in 1805 building top class horse drawn carriages supplying both Queen Victoria and King Edward VII. As Hooper they moved into motor bodies at the turn of the 20th century.