Definitions for "Hooking"
Keywords:  tug, impede, stick, opponent, blade
Use of the stick to impede the progress of an opponent (2).
Applying the blade of the stick to any part of an opponent's body or stick and pulling or tugging with the stick in order to disrupt that opponent.
A minor penalty assessed to a player who impedes an opposition's forward progress with the blade or shaft of the stick.
Keywords:  matic, skew, playback, tearing, tape
Term which refers to the playback picture tearing at the top of the screen. See also the Tape Skew Control on the U-matic system which shows an example of picture hooking.
Keywords:  golfer, golf, lessons, tooks, cure
a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer; "he tooks lessons to cure his hooking"
Replacing an address in the interrupt vector table with the address of another interrupt handler. See “interrupt handler,” “interrupt vector table,” “ unhooking (an interrupt).
Keywords:  topspin, slice, induce, swing, onto
To induce topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing and is the opposite to a slice.
Keywords:  nevada, criminal, offense
a criminal offense in every state but Nevada.
Operation consisting of making the ends of a junction coincide with the closest points.
Keywords:  cup, spinning, grab, defense, defender
A method that may be used by a defender to attempt defense when a ball is spinning in a cup. The defender inserts one or two fingers into a cup in an effort to grab the ball out of the cup. See Also: Defense
Keywords:  bending, see
See " Bending."
For the slang term generally indicating female prostitution see prostitution.