Definitions for "Hoodoo"
A natural rock pile or pinnacle of fantastic shape.
a column of weathered and eccentrically shaped rock; "a tall sandstone hoodoo"
a column of rock formed by erosion
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Same as voodoo.
Original British spelling of Voodoo, the "H" was silent - A Loi or Spiritual practice. Presently the "H" is sounded. Now also used by some to indicate "rootwork."
a practitioner of voodoo
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One who causes bad luck.
To be a hoodoo to; to bring bad luck to by occult influence; to bewitch.
Bad luck; jinx.
Hoodoo Ski Area is a mountain resort operated on federal land through agreement with the Willamette National Forest, Mc Kenzie River ranger district. It is located at the summit of Santiam Pass on U.S. Route 20, in the Cascade Range.
Archaic expression from the Antebellum South of the United States meaning "ghost" or "phantom lights". Believed to have originally been 'who do' or 'who do there'.
a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
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Hoodoo is the title of the third solo music recording/album of singer Alison Moyet.