Definitions for "Homogeneity"
Characteristic of a medium in which material properties are identical throughout.
The state in which all volume components of a substance are identical in optical properties and composition.
See heterogeneity.
The extent to which the current measured by all four beams is the same. A key assumption of all ADCP processing is that the currents are horizontally homogeneous across the four beams. This assumption is checked for each measurement by using the error velocity measurement.
The assumption that, on the large-scale, matter is uniformly spread throughout the universe.
The situation in which the standard deviation of the dependent (Y) variable is the same, regardless of the value of the independent (X) variable; an assumption in ANOVA and regression.
composition with uniformity throughout
uniformity; in fishes it refers to a lack of variation among a group, for instance the fry from a strain of guppies.
Homogeneity is the quality of being uniform throughout in composition or structure.
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Giving all characters roughly equal importance to the plot, often by equating their power levels (in tactical gaming) or seeing that they have similar backgrounds and comparable knowledge.
the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature; "there is a remarkable homogeneity between the two companies"
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Ignorance of risks
a single culture shared by all citizens of the state. Canada has never had such a common culture.
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In physics, homogeneity can mean several things.
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The degree to which items are similar.
A term used to describe the similarity of the insureds of the same rating class.
Same as Homogeneousness.