Definitions for "Homepage"
the opening page for a web site. For large web sites, the homepage usually provides a directory and a means of searching the web site.
on the Internet, the first page that appears on the computer screen upon opening and entering a particular organization's address or website; also can refer to the website itself. See website.
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The local Hash Homepage is located at
a document or group of documents that can contain virtually any information that you want it to contain
a method whereby you can communicate about yourself, your family, hobbies, pets, likes, dislikes, religion or anything else that you desire
a virtual object given that it only exists in a computerized form without any physical materiality - you cannot feel or touch it
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a good starting point for looking at Travel Agents in the UK, especially if you are looking for special-interest holidays, or try the US equivalent ASTA , which stands for the American Society of Travel Agents
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a truly exciting development
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An area for students to customise for displaying information about them selves as required.
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a nice place where friends leave me nice messages
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Car Insurance Women Drivers Young Drivers Classic Cars FAQs Glossary
a useful and usable resource for all audiences
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a never-ending work-in-progress
a collection of information that is created by the subscriber himself and can be accessed by other users of Internet
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a great way to communicate so many different things to so many different people