Definitions for "home run"
Keywords:  batter, outfield, feat, outlet, runner
a complete circuit of the bases made by the batter without being put out and without an error on the play; also, the hit on which the batter makes such a circuit; a four-base hit.
A cable run usually consisting of two, three, or four pair cable from a wall plate in a fixed wall office, to a termination point at the distribution frame.
a wiring method that connects each outlet or sensor directly to the distribution or control panel instead of several outlets / sensors on a continuous loop.
Keywords:  cuadrangular, gran
a gran cuadrangular
A stock which has risen dramatically in price in a short period of time.
A significant return on an investment in a short period of time.
a referral to an investors large gain in a short period.
Keywords:  fleeting, thing
a fleeting thing
every single trade you consider, tell somebody else about and then don't do yourself
When a salesperson has taken advantage of the customer in every aspect of the deal and makes a lot of money in the process.
Keywords:  moment, big
a big moment
Keywords:  profit, higher, usual
When a higher-than-usual profit is made.