Definitions for "Home Movies"
Home Movies is a dialogue-driven American animated television series about 8-year-old Brendon Small (voiced by the creator, head writer, and lead musician of Home Movies, Brendon Small), who makes films with his friends, Melissa and Jason, in his spare time. He lives with his divorced mother, Paula, and his adopted baby sister, Josie. He is also friends with his alcoholic, short-tempered soccer coach, John McGuirk.
Home Movies is the only video by Pennywise. It was released in 1995 and re-released in 2004 for DVD. Before re-releasing it, it was unavailable in any form since 1997.
Home Movies is an Obie Award-winning 1964 Off-Off-Broadway musical written by Rosalyn Drexler. It was scored by Al Carmines who played the role of Father Shenanigans. It opened from March 20 until March 30, 1964 at Carmines' Judson Poets' Theater, located at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village.