Definitions for "Hole-in-one"
Keywords:  tee, stroke, ace, smack, shot
Landing the ball into the hole with one stroke.
Hitting the ball into the hole with only one stroke. See also 'Ace'.
A golf shot that goes from tee to hole in one stroke
Method of adjusting the atlas (the topmost vertebra at the base of the skull). Proponents claim that this will improve health and facilitate correction of subluxations elsewhere in the spine.
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A golfer by tradition has to buy drinks for everyone in sight at the 19th hole (the bar) if he scores a coveted hole-in-one. A golfer's policy normally includes cover for these entertainment expenses up to a certain limit. Organisers of a tournament, or sponsors of a major prize for a hole-in- one, can also arrange a policy that will cover the cost of the prize if won.
Golf term where the player scores perfectly on a hole. In business, where a successful deal is made on the first try.
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