Definitions for "Holdings"
The total number of documents (electronic or physical) held in a library or resource center. For the purposes of this workshop, it would include journal issues and/or volumes held in your library. (It is the material you keep, and track, in your library)
The book volumes, magazine issues and other units of research materials owned by the Libraries.
This term is used to describe the items owned at each member library
Centers of learning and discipline. There are three holdings, occupying the sites of the Triennead holdings of old, each associated with a particular group: the Head (scholars), the Haunch (runners), and the Strong Leg (menders).
The whole of the archival material in a repository.
The totality of documents in the custody of a records center, archives or manuscript repository.
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a member of the Dexia group
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The dollar amount held in each asset class, sector or size & style category.
The percentage of total assets held in each asset class, sector or size & style category.
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a provider of credit and debit card processing services to small merchants
a professional services firm specializing in the development and implementation of growth and profitability strategies for financial institutions
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a leading research-driven health care products company
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Possessions in one's portfolio.
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The underlying securities of a fund.