Definitions for "Holding"
The act or state of sustaining, grasping, or retaining.
1) The cards in a particular player's hand at a particular point in play - often at the start of play. 2) The cards of a specific suit in a particular player's hand.
cards in one's hand.
A tenure; a farm or other estate held of another.
Either a landholder's total holding, or land held by special grant feudum
A Holding is the territory held by a Free Holder with 30 colors.
A ruling of a court upon an issue of law raised in a case; the pronouncement of law supported by the reasoning in a court's opinion. Back
A declaration or statement of the law as it applies to the facts of a specific case and given by the court in its opinion.
Those points of law decided by a court to resolve a legal controversy constitute the holding of the case. The court holds that a certain rule of law applies to the given case and renders its decision accordingly. Pg. 232.
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"bene, proprietà"
When a parachute is flying directly into the ambient wind, it is said holding. See running and crabbing.
In aviation, a holding (or hold) is an area of airspace used to delay aircraft already in flight. Because fixed-wing aircraft cannot stop in midair, they fly in circles, which keeps them near their destination airport until it is their turn to land.
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a fully owned subsidiary of HengAn International, whose shares are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchanges
The amount a fund has invested in a company or the amount of units/shares an investor owns.
This term can be used to describe the amount of units or shares an investor owns, or the amount a fund has invested in a particular company.
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the act of keeping in your possession
something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
In possession of something, usually dope. "I'm holding a special lid for you."
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The burden or chorus of a song.
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Maintaining full draw whilst aiming.
Keeping the bow in aim at full draw. Do it too long and you will end up creeping.
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Putting back the edition deadline to wait for an important copy.
The designated area to which the Extra Performers report and stay while waiting to go on set.
An agricultural subject similar in size to a croft, which is not contained in the Commission's Register
Consists of a single data file that can be ordered in its entirety or can be subsetted by time or spatial area. Examples of holdings are a single satellite image, or a hundred-year time series of monthly precipitation from a single source. Specific holdings can be selected using the search filters of the Search and Retrieve Tool on the Data page and then viewed from the View Matching Holdings page.
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a way of creating intimate contact between a parent and child
A parent company which holds shares (interest) in another company or other companies. Holding company - See Holding.
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a place where cattle are kept or handled
suspending a call without disconnecting it
Period Period In the manufacture of concrete products, the period between completion of casting and the introduction of additional heat or the steam curing period.
or stake - the amount of a person's (or organization's) financial investment in a business.
The portion of the thermal cycle during which the temperature of the object is maintained constant.
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That which holds, binds, or influences.
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Your ownership of something, e.g. "holding property for one year and a day." Go to Top