Definitions for "holdback"
A contractual condition in which money is withheld until a specified event occurs.
CCBill deducts a holdback fee each month as a form of insurance against refunds or chargebacks. This amount is returned to you after 6 months.
A portion of loan proceeds that a lender allows to be held back until all conditions are met on a loan. Typically holdbacks are done when improvements or repairs need to be made to a property. Funds are generally held by an outside escrow company.
An ornamental wood or metal shape attached to the wall on either side of a window near a curtain or drapery, which is looped over the holdback when open.
A decorative hook used to draperies to the side of the window.
An ornament used to hold curtain window treatments off the window when open.
Most manufacturers help subsidize the interest charges and marketing/advertising that a dealer incurs by paying the dealer a holdback amount, after the vehicle has been sold. This amount typically ranges from 2.0% to 2.5% of the wholesale amount. Dealers will rarely consider this when negotiating a new car deal.
A small percentage of total MSRP held by the manufacturer to be refunded to the dealer after the sale of the vehicle. The dealer invoice price minus holdback is often referred to as dealer net price.
a percentage of MSRP that the manufacturer gives the dealer to help guarantee that the dealer will make a profit even if he sells the car at invoice
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A snib, button or other device which can hold the bolt in the retracted position.
(n.) A function of some self latching locks which allows selective retention of the bolt to prevent latching when the door is closed. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
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The projection or loop on the thill of a vehicle. to which a strap of the harness is attached, to hold back a carriage when going down hill, or in backing; also, the strap or part of the harness so used.
(see also Withhold): A form of reimbursement whereby an MCO withholds or sets aside payments to a provider until the end of a specified period, at which time the MCO distributes any surplus funds based on measures of providers' efficiency or performance; the measures reflect pre-established criteria for financial performance, productivity, utilization, and/or quality of care.
Check; hindrance; restraint; obstacle.
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See Escrow Holdback.