Definitions for "Hold-harmless agreement"
An agreement by which one party assumes the liability of another. Hold-harmless agreements are often found in leases; the lessee (tenant) agreeing to assume the lessor's (landlord's) liability if members of the public are injured through some faulty condition in the premises occupied by the lessee.
A contract provision whereby one party assumes certain legal liabilities on behalf of another party. Such a contract provision could be of limited form, where a party reaffirms responsibility for its own negligent acts thus protecting another party from vicarious liability; an intermediate form, where a party reaffirms its responsibility and agrees to share responsibility for joint and concurrent negligence of other parties; or a broad form, where a party assumes responsibility for all liability including that arising out of the sole negligence of the other party. Synonymous with indemnification.
An agreement under whih the legal liability of one party for damages or injury is assumed by the other party to the agreement. Such hold-harmless agreements between pilots and passengers virtually never stand up in court.
a written acknowledgement by equine participants that they understand the risks inherent in equine activities and release the farm owner from responsibility for injuries attributable to the named risks