Definitions for "HMD"
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helmet-mounted display
is a helmet or a set of goggles were small monitors are positioned in front of each eye, which allow the user to view the generated images of the virtual environment
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Hyaline Membrane Disease. The lung disease characteristic of premature infants. HMD is caused by a deficiency of surfactant in the lungs. Also known as respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).
An abbreviation for hyaline membrane disease.
hyaline membrane disease. see respiratory distress syndrome.
(Hemispheric Map Discussion)- This discussion is issued once a day around 1 PM EST (2 PM EDT) and is primarily intended to provide insight into the hemispheric circulation patterns over the next 5 days. This includes a discussion of the 5-day mean circulation pattern. Comparisons, differences, and continuity among the numerical models are highlighted, and preferred solutions are proposed with an explanation of why a solution is preferred. This includes any reasons why the preferred solution differs from any model. In cases where certain models are not universally available, an attempt will be made to describe that model's solution to an extent that a reader can understand it's important aspects.
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