Definitions for "HLS"
This color model is defined in the double-cone subset of a cylindrical space. Hue (H) is measured by the angle around the vertical axis, with red at 0 degree, green at 120 degree and so on. The height of the cone represents lightness (L) in a range from 0 (black) at the apex of the first cone to 1.0 (white) at the apex of the second one. Saturation (S) is a ratio ranging from 0 on the center line (V axis) to 1 on the triangular sides of the cones.
Acronym for hue, lightness and saturation of a pixel
a color-coding scheme that specifies a color in terms of its hue, lightness, and saturation components. Hue is the color, lightness is the percentage of white, and saturation is the attribute of a color that determines its relative strength and its departure from gray. Lightness and saturation added to the hue produce a specific shade. See also CMYK, HSV, and RGB.
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Home Limit Switch. With CHA, CHB and CHI establishes the zero point of the axis.
Abbreviation for Hierarchical Loadable Schedulers. A general term for the scheduling architecture presented in this dissertation.
Huntingdon Life Sciences, animal testing laboratory near Cambridge
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Home Land Security
Helicopter Landing Site
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Hurricane Local Statement
High Level Service. A function that performs a sequence of low level functions, thereby eliminating the need to call the low level functions individually.
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Home Location Server