Definitions for "Histogram"
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Sävyjakauma Histogram Graphic representation of tone administration in a digital image.
Vertical display of a population distribution in terms of frequencies; a formal method of plotting a frequency distribution.
a graph in which frequency distribution is shown by means of vertical bars.
A diagram showing the number of samples that fall in each contiguously defined size class of the attribute studied.
A micron test report that depicts the measurement of 2000 fibres in scale and administrative information pertaining to the sample.
a diagram that graphically depicts the variability in a process or procedure within your agency
a convenient way to display numerical results
a good visualization of a single data variable
a method for recording data
A collection of information about how frequently certain gray levels or colors appear in an image. The XIL library contains a data structure of type XilHistogram to hold this type of information.
a count of which color value occurred how often in the current image, separately for red, green and blue
a summary that we can view to see some basic characteristics of the image
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Host Hypermarket
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a measure of DNA damage
Visibly measures the distance between the MACD and a 9-day exponential movi...
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a sensible starting point
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A flat profile.