Definitions for "Hipped"
A style of cabriole leg on which the knee extends out as far as the edge of the scat rail of a chair or the frieze of a table.
Cabinet-making term for a cabriole leg which extends to or rises above the level of the seat as opposed to ending at the base of the seat rail, and which is often ornately carved from the knee upwards.
This is a term applied to an extension at the top of a cabriole leg which continues into, and joins, the rail above, usually a seat rail. Furthermore, it's a feature usually only found on better quality pieces. Hipped is also used in reference to the protuberance sometimes found at the top of the flared legs of a C19th centre-support table. [Home] [--] [A-to-Z
Keywords:  gables, sloped, piended, roof, vertical
peaked and having sloping ends rather than gables; -- of roofs; as, a hipped roof has sloping ends rather than gables.
where the ends of the roof are sloped rather than vertical. see piended
(of a roof) sloping on all sides; "a hipped roof has sloping ends rather than gables"
Somewhat hypochondriac; melancholy. See Hyppish.
Keywords:  rube, portal, stranding, him, sending
Stranded. "Hipping the rube" means stranding someone by sending him through a one-way portal.
having hips; or, having hips of a specified type; -- used in combination; as, wide-hipped.
having hips; or having hips as specified (usually in combination); "broad-hipped"