Definitions for "Hip Dysplasia"
An hereditary condition in which there is excess laxity of the hip joint, eventually causing lameness and /or arthritic changes.
Hip dysplasia is a disease of the hip joint. "Dysplasia" is a word that means abnormal development of a tissue. The hip is a ball and socket type of joint. The "ball" is the top of the femur (called the "head") which fits into the acetabulum. A normal joint has a close fit of the femur's head into the acetabulum, so that the joint functions smoothly and efficiently.
The hip sockets are incomplete, allowing the upper leg bone (or femur) too much range of motion. This can be easily and painlessly be corrected using a Pavloc Harness, a soft body-brace worn by the child for a period of 3 - 6 months. The harness holds the child's legs at 90o angles, and the pressure forms the hip sockets appropriately.
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Failure of normal bony modeling of the hip socket.
Failure of normal bony modeling of the hip sicket.
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a debilitating disease