Definitions for "Hip"
The projecting region of the lateral parts of one side of the pelvis and the hip joint; the haunch; the huckle.
To dislocate or sprain the hip of, to fracture or injure the hip bone of (a quadruped) in such a manner as to produce a permanent depression of that side.
the lateral prominence of the hip bone and greater trochanter.
In a bridge truss, the place where an inclined end post meets the top chord.
To make with a hip or hips, as a roof.
The angle where two roof planes meet at a ridge.
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The fruit of a rosebush, especially of the English dog-rose (Rosa canina); called also rose hip.
the fruit of a rose Inflorescence: the flowering part of a plant; a rose inflorescence may bear single or multiple flowers
Fruit, usually fleshy
Section of a ramp that is perpendicular to another section. This allows for tricks going from one part to another.
1) A skate obstacle that has a two quarterpipes or wedges at a slightly different angle which creates a "gap" between the two. 2) Can also refer to a change in angle within the same ramp like the corners of a pyramid.
The spot where a ramp or obstacle comes to a point. Tricks are done while flying over or off of it.
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Aware of the latest ideas, trends, fashions, and developments in popular music and entertainment culture; not square; -- same as hep.
Aware of the latest fashions and behaving as expected socially, especially in clothing style and musical taste; exhibiting an air of casual sophistication; cool; with it; -- used mostly among young people in the teens to twenties.
informed about the latest trends
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"fianco, anca"
HSSI Interface Processor. Interface processor on the Cisco 7000 series routers. The HIP provides one HSSI port that supports connections to ATM, SMDS, Frame Relay, or private lines at speeds up to T3 or E3.
HIP is an acronym for "Hypothetic computer", which was developed for the purpose of the book Arhitektura računalniških sistemov by Dušan Kodek. It is a modern load/store RISC central processing unit with 32 general-purpose registers. It is reminiscent of MIPS R2000 and R3000 processors by MIPS Technologies.
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Hirsute Hispid
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Acronym for the Dell OpenManage Hardware Instrumentation Package. HIP provides seamless integration of DMI-instrumented server systems with console applications that can browse SNMP information and receive traps, such as IT Assistant. This is accomplished through a DMI-to-SNMP mapper in the Dell HIP. Together, HIP and IT Assistant allow you to monitor your Dell servers and track status information about Dell server components.
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Href http www hip nl Hacking In Progress
Human Interface Protocol
The School of Humanities staff and student web site, found at
Hands-on mage rocessing (Developed at the University of Arizona, HIP provides a curriculum based program to implement images into sciences and mathematics. Check out the Center for Image Processing in Education or call 1-800-322-9884)
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See Hyp, n.
Hot Isostatic Pressing. The process of using high hydrostatic pressure and high temperature to compress fine particles into coherent parts.
High Intensity Pigment
High-impact project, necessitating review by an opportunity review board at the local, regional, or global level before a response is made to pursue an opportunity.
High-impact polystyrene
To throw (one's adversary) over one's hip in wrestling (technically called cross buttock).
Host Interface Program
Host Intrusion Prevention. Works with the operating system kernel to block abnormal application behavior in the expectation that the abnormal behavior represents an unknown attack. Blocks malicious packets on the host at the network level before they can hurt the application they target.
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seed pod that forms from a spent blossom. Hips provide another bit of interest in fall after the blooms have gone.
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Home Information Pack. Will be introduced in England & Wales from 2007. The pack is designed to give purchasers all the information they normally only receive after making an offer before. The pack will include the following information. Terms of sale Evidence of Title Standard searches Planning consents and building control certificates Property information and fixtures and fittings forms Copies of guarantees and warranties Draft contract Home Condition Report
Home Information Packs
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(adj) wise, sophistocated, anyone with boots on. Ex. "She is a hip chick".
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Used to excite attention or as a signal; as, hip, hip, hurra!
Housing Investment Programme
Health Improvement Programme(s)
Housing Improvement Programme
A term used to describe someone who knows or understands
In the know.
initiated, knowing.
Home Improvement Program of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Hearing Impaired Program
Home Independence Program
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See Knee.