Definitions for "HINTS"
These are described in detail in the main manual. They help the rasterizer to draw a glyph well at small pointsizes.
Algoithms contained in PostScript or TrueType fonts that increase type quality when printing at low resolutions or in norm point sizes.
The mathematical instructions added to digital fonts to make them sharp at all sizes and on display devices of different resolutions.
In 1816, Joshua Marshman published a small pamphlet called 'Hints relative to native schools, together with the outline of an institution for their extension and management'. It contained a programme for national compulsory education, no less, in which peasant children, of both sexes, would learn to read and write with a vocabulary of 4,000 words. They would also have simple arithmetic and later become conversant with astronomy, geography, natural philosophy, mineralogy and chemistry. This was in a city of half a million, containing educational places for 4,180 Indian children. ()
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Hierarchical communications and management system for multiple NIDS and HIDS products.
Certain properties, such as the preferred type of a window, are referred to as 'hints', because the window manager makes no guarantee that it will honor them. See type_hint.
(Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack; search in this book)
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Small boxes of text that appear near your cursor when you leave it over a button for a few seconds. The text describes the purpose of the button.