Definitions for "Hike"
Keywords:  tramp, walk, haik, march, laboriously
To hike one's self; specif., to go with exertion or effort; to tramp; to march laboriously.
to take a long walk, especially for pleasure or exercise.
A long walk usually for exercise or pleasure or exercise; a tramp; a march.
leaning out over the side of the boat to balance it
To lean out on the windward side of a sailboat to achieve optimal speed by offsetting heeling.
To pass (the ball) from the center to the quarterback at the start of the play; to snap (the ball).
Also referred to as the “snap.” The hike initiates the offensive play. See also, “count.
Keywords:  kelp, offshore, beach, whales, feeding
an opportunity to beach comb, look for tracks, and to observe the whales feeding in the kelp beds just offshore
Keywords:  billet, raise, quick, drill, leaders
To raise with a quick movement.
To raise (a price) quickly or significantly in a single step.
a movement drill that allows leaders to stand out and perform their billet
Keywords:  blessing, mixed
a mixed-blessing for
Keywords:  stuff, soak, get, good, rocks
what you will do to get the good stuff.
a good way to get out among the rocks and soak in the views
Actions , Maneuvers Hitch Knots , Rigging
Keywords:  throw, toss, swing, jerk, move
To move with a swing, toss, throw, jerk, or the like.
Keywords:  act
The act of hiking.