Definitions for "High-Intensity Discharge Lamp"
Keywords:  hid, halide, mercury, sodium, arc
An electric discharge lamp in that light is produced when an electric arc is discharged through a vaporized metal such as mercury or sodium. Some HID lamps may also have a phosphor coating that contributes to the light produced or enhances the light color.
A lamp that consists of a sealed arc tube inside a glass envelope, or outer jacket. The inner arc tube is filled with elements that emit light when ionized by electric current. A ballast is required to provide the proper starting voltage and to regulate current during operation.
A lamp that produces light by passing electricity through gas, which causes the gas to glow. Examples of HID lamps are mercury vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps. HID lamps have extremely long life and emit far more lumens per fixture than do fluorescent lights.