Definitions for "High side"
Keywords:  flip, raft, sideways, downstream, crash
Jump to the downstream side of the raft, fast! This command is used just before collisions with rocks and other obstructions, If a crew, is quick, the raft's upstream side is lifted up in time to let the current slide under, rather than into, theraft. This action often prevents theraft from becoming wrapped. Sometimes called as "Jump To" or "Rock Side."
a maneuver where one side of the raft starts to rise and boaters quickly jump on top of that side, using their weight to keep the raft from flipping
noun) The side of the motorcycle that is farthest from the ground in a turn. verb) To crash from loss of and sudden restablishment of traction on the rear tire resulting in the motorcycle abruptly flipping over on the high side (the side farthest from the ground). Typically results from the rear tire losing traction while leaned over and then biting again launching the rider over the top of the motorcycle.
the part of a refrigeration system that is operated at high, or condensing, pressure.
The side of the refrigeration system that the condensing takes place.
that part of a refrigeration system where refrigerant is under the greatest amount of pressure where heat is rejected (condenser section). This is area of highest temperatures and highest pressures
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The part of the green above the hole on a sloping green.
Area above the hole on a sloping green.