Definitions for "High grade"
Keywords:  mine, verb, rich, richest, best
The best or richest ore in a deposit.
Rich ore. As a verb, selective mining of the best ore in a deposit or theft of ore from a mine.
Rich ore. As an adjective, it refers to selective mining of the best ore in a deposit.
Means the cells look less like normal cells and so the cancer may be more malignant.
A grade of Non-Hodgkinâ€(tm)s denoting fast growth. NHL types that are high grade are Burkittâ€(tm)s Lymphoma, non-Burkittâ€(tm)s, diffuse, leukemia/lymphoma, lymphoblastic and T-cell.
Cancer cell that look very abnormal under a microscope. These cells are more likely than cells in low grade growths to grow and spread quickly.
A term used for card sets in which regular cards are made of plastic or have a chromium/holochrome finish.
credit quality of AA or AAA
A type of timber harvesting in which larger trees of commercially valuable species are removed with little regard for the quality, quantity, or distribution of trees and regeneration left on the site; often results when a diameter harvest is imposed.