Definitions for "Hickory"
Keywords:  carya, tough, pecan, edible, walnut
An American tree of the genus Carya, of which there are several species. The shagbark is the Carya alba, and has a very rough bark; it affords the hickory nut of the markets. The pignut, or brown hickory, is the Carya glabra. The swamp hickory is Carya amara, having a nut whose shell is very thin and the kernel bitter.
hiccory, hickry - has edible nuts and hard wood
Native American wood of the walnut family. Used for rustic furniture. Is very hard, tough, and heavy.
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A small base maintained by the Karaba resistance group, located in Southern California near the Vandenberg air force base. The Hickory base possesses an antiquated HLV launch vessel, which the AEUG pilots attempt to use to send their last few mobile suits back into space. [ Zeta Gundam