Definitions for "HHW"
Household Hazardous Waste. A product that is discarded from a home or a similar source that is either ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic (e.g. used motor oil, oil-based paint, auto batteries, gasoline, pesticides, etc.).
Household Hazardous Waste. A wide range of household products, including pesticides and herbicides, oil-based paints and stains, automobile fluids (antifreeze, motor oil, transmission, steering and brake fluids, gasoline), batteries (automotive and household), pool chemicals, hobby chemicals, darkroom chemicals, and small quantities of asbestos, which have the characteristics of hazardous waste when discarded. Federal law specifically exempts household hazardous waste from regulation. Nevertheless, some local and state governments have implemented programs to educate the public about household hazardous waste and to operate waste collection programs.
An important component of the hazardous waste problem in the United States.
The Headsail Half Width of the largest area headsail measured as the shortest distance between the half leech point and the luff.
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higher high water. The highest of the high waters (or single high water) of any specified tidal day due to the declination Al effects of the Moon and Sun.
See higher high water
Higher High Water. The higher of two high waters if any tidal day
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