Definitions for "Hfs"
Hierarchical file structure. The file organization developed by Apple Computer for the Macintosh, and later adopted by Microsoft for Windows. HFS allows you to nest folders within folders and to view (sort) a window's contents by such variables as name, date, size, and kind.
ierarchical ile tructure defining the native Apple MacIntosh format for mass storage.
hierarchical file system. A method of organizing files and directories on a volume in a hierarchical or tree-like structure.
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Hartree-Fock Slater. An older DFT method involving only local, Slater-style exchange. Often synonymous with the X alpha method.
Health and Family Services.
abbreviation for Health Food Store
The Department of Healthcare and Families Services, formally the Department of Public Aid, is a state agency that administers the KidCare and FamilyCare health insurance programs, child support collections services, energy assistance (LIHEAP), among other services. More Info
Hormone FolliculoStimulante (-Idem FSH)
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Hedge Funds Services
Office of Fiscal Services