Definitions for "Hexagon"
Keywords:  polygon, six, angles, schl, polyhedron
A plane figure of six angles.
Six Sided
Polyhedron with six sides and a top and bottom base.
pigment which consists of hexagonal cylinders of color running parallel to the y-axis of the space. ( Language Reference) Icosahedron: a three dimensional geometric shape with 20 faces, all of which are equilateral triangles. POV-Ray doesn't come with a built in facility to create icosahedra, but there's an example with the triangles in the Language Reference.
a mechavehicle developed by Belle Brie. Semi-spherical in shape and painted a metallic green.
Hexagon is a political satire show performed once yearly at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.. Started in 1955, it parodies many political and social issues relevant to both the United States as a whole and the local metropolitan area. It is entirely nonprofit and pays no money to its all-volunteer performing cast: instead, the ticket sales are donated to a charity, of which a different one is chosen each year.
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typically refers to the EPA EMAP hexagonal grid of 635 square kilometer units
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Hexagon is a board game for 2 players with internet support. The object is to own the most cells on the game board. Combines luck with strategy to achieve this.