Definitions for "Hexachrome"
Keywords:  pantone, gamut, cmyk, fidelity, cmykog
An extension of the traditional four-color process, Hexachrome is PANTONE's version of high-fidelity color. Hexachrome adds orange and green process colors to traditional CMYK, producing CMYKOG.
A proprietary colour separation process, developed by Pantone, that uses six (6) instead of four process colours. (CMYK plus Orange and Green)
COLOR MODEL which uses six primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Black) to simulate a full range of colors. Hexachrome is sometimes used to print a job on press where very high color fidelity and saturation is required. However, it is significantly more expensive than conventional CMYK printing, as the paper must make two additional passes through the press for the two additional colors of ink. Hexachrome has a much wider GAMUT than traditional CMYK.