Definitions for "Hesychasm"
A mystical movement whose members, called Hesychasts, through special practices achieved a vision of the Divine Light. Though the ideas and practices were much older, the term is often used specifically for the movement that achieved prominence in the fourteenth century. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 623) Related terms: Hesychast
the doctrines and practice of the Hesychasts, mystics who in silence devote themselves to inner recollection and secret prayer, the culmination of their mystical experience being direct contact with God through the vision of the Divine Uncreated Light
A tradition, especially associated with the eastern church, which places considerable emphasis upon the idea of "inner quietness" (Greek: hesychia) as a means of achieving a vision of God. It is particularly associated with writers such as Simeon the New Theologian and Gregory Palamas.