Definitions for "Herringbone"
Keywords:  twill, zigzag, chevron, zag, zig
Pertaining to, or like, the spine of a herring; especially, characterized by an arrangement of work in rows of parallel lines, which in the alternate rows slope in different directions.
Right and left-hand twill resembles the backbone of a herring fish.
A twill weave, usually wool or tweed, achieved by alternating the diagonal pattern within the cloth. It is suitable for upholstery.
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Brick or stone laid in alternate diagonal courses.
A type of stone facing in which alternate courses of stones are angled in opposite directions.
A decorative pattern of angled lines that alternate the angle to the opposite at regular and symmetrical intervals. Similar to a wave but the angles are defined and the lines straight.
Keywords:  slanted, chain, flat, links, join
A herringbone chain has small, slanted links that join to form a flat chain.
A chain with small, slanting links that appear flat.
a form of route instruction where the course to be followed is represented as a straight line (the "spine") with all junctions and routes NOT to be taken shown joining and leaving (the "ribs")
The colored spine or dorsal stripe on the English Spot. A herring bone or serrated edge to the spine marking.