Definitions for "Hermitage"
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A celebrated French wine, both white and red, of the Department of Drôme.
More famous for its red rather than its white wine. These are made from the Syrah grape in the Northern Rhone. One of the most full-bodied red wines of France, capable of long ageing.
A French appellation located in northern Rhone. It's reds, made from Syrah grapes, and its whites, made from Marsanne and Rousanne, are highly regarded. Back to the top
a garden building, often complete with a hired "hermit" to live there, calculated to raise an appreciation for contemplation in the context of nature.
a small, private, single dwelling that provides solitude and quiet in order to assist a person in listening more deeply to what the Lord is speaking in his/her heart
A garden building which looks suited to use by a hermit, usually with a rustic appearance. Houses (eg the Ermitage) were designed like monasteries.
Hermitages were small sites where one or more hermits went to find peace in remote places, (compare with anchorage). Access to hermitages would be limited - physically, e.g. by their remoteness, or socially, e.g. in private places. They were simple sites usually with a small house and simple chapel often built by the hermit themselves. Wealthy patrons could endow hermitages, as at Warkworth, Northumberland. Some hermitages acted as lighthouses.
Andrew Jackson's plantation home in Nashville, Tennessee Return
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the abode of a hermit
The habitation of a hermit; a secluded residence.
a place known to be the home of a religiously inspired individual