Definitions for "Hermaphroditism"
The more common sexual form of the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, in which the gonad generates both male and female gametes. The hermaphrodite is self-fertile, since its gametes can be brought together internally to create healthy progeny. These animals can also participate in sexual unions with male animals to create cross-progeny by internal fertilization of the hermaphrodite’s female gamete, or oocyte, with the male’s sperm. See Automictic See Gonochoristic
Having both male and female sexual organs in one individual. Most invertebrates and plants are hermaphrodites. Union of the gametes of the same individual (self-fertilization) is the most extreme example of inbreeding.
Presence of male and female sex organs in the same individual.
The union of the two sexes in the same individual, or the combination of some of their characteristics or organs in one individual.
showing characteristics of both sexes