Definitions for "Hermaphrodite"
An individual which has the attributes of both male and female, or which unites in itself the two sexes; an animal or plant having the parts of generation of both sexes, as when a flower contains both the stamens and pistil within the same calyx, or on the same receptacle. In some cases reproduction may take place without the union of the distinct individuals. In the animal kingdom true hermaphrodites are found only among the invertebrates. See Illust. in Appendix, under Helminths.
Including, or being of, both sexes; as, an hermaphrodite animal or flower.
male and female organs present in the same flower
an individual who possesses both testicular and ovarian tissue, either in the form of an ovotestis, or else as one testis and one ovary
A person who exhibits a variance from chromosomal sex in one or more of the following criteria: (1) gonadal structure, (2) structure of the internal or external genitalia, (3) hormonal status, and (4) sex of rearing (gender role). A true hermaphrodite may exhibit any of the seanomalies but is characterized by the presence of both ovarian and testicular tissue.
A vehicle between a cart and a wagon having a removable fore-carriage. It was favoured by farmers, particularly in East Anglia, since it was both versatile in use and inexpensive to purchase.
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a person whose appears to be a woman but has an X and a Y or a man who has two X chromosomes