Definitions for "Hephaestus "
IH] — God of Fire and the Forge and hero of IH. He was married to Aphrodite, but she had an affair with Ares. The story of the trap Hephaestus devised to catch them is told in the Odyssey. His two falls from Mount Olympus are related in separate passages in the Iliad.
Hefaestus - Olympian god of working with fire. Married to Aphrodite and renowned as a craftsman, especially that of the smith and metalwork. Sent by Zeus to chain Prometheus to the rock. Creator of the first woman, Pandora, at the behest of Zeus, who ultimately by her actions in removing the lid of brought illness, hard work and evils on mankind in retaliation for the actions of Prometheus who had passed the divine fire to them. Also, in some accounts, renowned for creating Talos the bronze giant who kept guard over Minoan Crete. Accounts vary of his parents as being Zeus and Hera, Hera alone and even Talos himself.
(Greek) A fire god, child of Zeus and Hera, equivalent to the Latin Vulcanus or Vulcan. He is twice cast down from Olympus, to which however he returns; thus he is a messenger of the gods to earth, and appears on various planes as a manifestation of cosmic fire. He is a kabir, a cosmic teacher of men, whom he instructed in the use of fire and the metallurgic arts. Jupiter, or the four-faced or four-sided Brahma, partakes of all four elements and disputes his fiery function to Hephaistos.
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Hephaestus is a computer role playing game construction kit or "RPG maker". It includes a map editor and supports scripting using Java.