Definitions for "Hepatitis"
Keywords:  liver, silymarin, mcg, viral, carotene
Recommendation Lecithin/Choline"Taking 3gm per day of phosphatidylcholine (found in lecithin) was found to be beneficial in one investigation of people with chronic hepatitis B..."
Recommendation Vitamin K"Low vitamin K levels may be supplemented with 100 to 500mcg per day..."
An infection or inflammation of liver tissue.
Pamidronate Vertigo Pancytopenia Vincristine
Proteins Yellow
Dandelion (root), Burdock (root), Evening Primrose, Clover, Echinacea, Oregon Grape (root), Barberry, Yellow Dock and Milk Thistle.
The Condition"...Unlike other white blood cells, inadequate numbers of NK cells are rarely a problem..."
The Condition"...Licorice root, cysteine and glycine together have produced a 40% cure rate..."
The Condition"...NK activity can be impaired by surgery and chemotherapy..."
a bloodborne disease. Can be transmitted by needles and/or piercing guns if not sterilized. (STERILIZATION IS NOT THE SAME AS DISINFECTING)
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The Condition"...The following are risk factors, which your doctor should know about ... Working in health care, such as in a medical laboratory or in dialysis..."