Definitions for "Hell's Kitchen"
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"Hell's Kitchen" is a neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada consisting mainly of the boundaries of Furby, Young, and Langside streets, a rough neighborhood in Winnipeg's core downtown area. Local residents named it after the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. Proximate to the Broadway area, this mulitcultural melting has begun to sprout ethnic-oriented gangs such as the "Mad Cows" and their rival "B-Siders", who tend to challenge one another for control of the drug-trade in this somewhat impoverished area.
Hell's Kitchen is a book published in 2001 by author Jeffrey Deaver. It is the third book that follows location scout John Pellam.
Hell's Kitchen was the third album by Canadian folk rock group Leslie Spit Treeo, released in 1994.
a district in Manhattan formerly noted for its slums and vice
A Manhattan neighborhood that is also known as Clinton and is located in the middle of the island between the Upper West Side and Chelsea. Streetwise it runs from 59th to 30th Street and from the Hudson River to 8th Avenue.