Definitions for "Helicopter"
a heavier-than-air aircraft whose lift is provided by the aerodynamic forces on rotating blades rather than on fixed wings. Contrasted with fixed-wing aircraft.
A move in the air in which the skier rotates his or her body 360 degrees.
rotary-wing aircraft in which engine power is applied to a substantially horizontal rotor (or rotors), which provide both lift and propulsion
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a collection of spare parts flying in formation around an oil leak, waiting for metal fatigue to set in
a flying machine
a good way to get around the island
Nickname for the Faulstich double twist buncher
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"Helicopter" is a song by British indie rock band Bloc Party. It was first released as a single from their 2004 EP Little Thoughts on October 25, 2004 in the Europe and released again on February 21, 2006 in the US.
a bit different because of its ability to hover and have greater maneuverability
a valuable and efficient fire fighting resource available to the wildland fire service
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a great place to be during an earthquake
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to travel in a helicopter.
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to transport in a helicopter.
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a form of insurance policy