Definitions for "Heavy Metal"
a metal that is very heavy
A heavy metal (such as lead, Pb or mercury, Hg, for example) with special hazards including lifetime cumulative effects.
a metallic element of high atomic weight (e.g., gold, platinum and lead)
A ponderous rock form characterized by brittle, flashy guitar work, unnaturally high-pitched male vocals and an adolescent fascination with the darker side of human experience. Born in the late 1960s of bands such as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, heavy m [Go to source
intense guitar-based rock music played at high volume and speed, often featuring sustain, overdrive and virtuoso playing.
A descriptive term for rock bands since the 1970s whose heavily amplified electric and percussion sounds have been associated with youthful rebellion and defiance.
HeavyMetal is the name of a series of commercial software titles designed to complement Classic Battle Tech, a board game of futuristic combat produced by Fan Pro. The software, developed by designer Rick Raisley and published by RCW Enterprises, assists the creation of custom units and maps for use in the game.
Uranium, plutonium, or thorium placed in a nuclear reactor.
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Obscure industryspeak for Big iron.
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Large machinery.
A common hazardous waste; can damage organisms at low concentrations and tends to accumulate in the food chain.