Definitions for "Heat stress"
Keywords:  exertion, 'stres, sward, 'het, profuse
'hEt 'stres]. A variety of problems associated with very warm temperatures and high humidity. Heat exhaustion is a condition marked by weakness, nausea, dizziness, and profuse sweating that results from physical exertion in a hot environment. Heat stroke is a condition marked especially by cessation of sweating, extremely high body temperature, and collapse that results from prolonged exposure to high temperature. | | | | | | | | | J | K | L | | | | | U | V | | X | Y | Z
Injury resulting from high temperatures. May be caused during exceptionally hot weather when transpiration rates are limited and the plant cannot cool itself adequately. Can be a problem when crop covers (low tunnels, high tunnels) are used too late into the season, or with inadequate ventilation. Compare with chilling
Exposure to a hot environment that reduces the capability for sustained activity and speeds up fatigue.
The sum of environmental and metabolic heat loads on the individual (Lyne, B, 1999).