Definitions for "HEAT SINK"
Part of the frame of the speaker used to conduct and radiate heat away from the motor assembly.
Device which conducts heat away from a heat-producing component so that it stays within its safe working temperature range.
a heat-conductive metal form attached to a device package to transmit heat away from the source.
A substance to which heat energy is transferred. A heat sink has a lower level of heat energy (slower moving molecules) than the surrounding material; heat energy travels from one area of high concentration to that of lower concentration
A contrivance for the absorption or transfer of heat away from a critical part or detail.
A contrivance for the absorption or transfer of heat away from a critical element or part. Bulk graphite is often used as a heat sink.
a way of removing this heat
process, or region, in which energy is removed from the atmosphere in the form of heat. Russian translation prepared by Nina A. Zaitseva for the Arctic Climatology Project Arctic Meteorology and Climate Atlas.
To better radiate heat from motors, speed controllers and transmissions.
a good way to help keep your motor cooler while running
A structure that is mechanically attached to a device that generates heat, in order to lower the overall thermal impedance between the point source of the heat within the device and its cooler surroundings.
a body with rapid heat transfer on which workpieces and gages can be placed to arrive at the same temperature before measurement
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The medium--air, water or earth--which receives heat rejected from a heat pump.
A medium or container to which heat flows.
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a brick, a tile, or a flat rock that is painted black
A computer's CPU may perform millions of calculations every second. As the ...
The area or media to where heat is deposited. (For instance, inside a home.)