Definitions for "HEAT EXCHANGER"
Keywords:  furnace, boiler, wort, cooler, fluid
This exchanger is located in the circulation and refrigeration systems and transfers the heat from the circulation system to the refrigeration system.
A unit that transfers heat from one liquid (or vapor) to another without mixing the fluids. A condenser is one type of heat exchanger.
A device which allows for the transfer of heat from one fluid to another while both remain isolated from contact.
Piece of equipment used in desalination to take heat away from steam and turn it into water.
A device with a knob that allows the user of an espresso machine to switch from “brewing mode”? to “steaming mode
a system of toils which is placed in the tank and connected to the collectors
an unfired vessel, in which, separated by a thin wall, two media are streaming without mixing themselves
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a large piece of equipment used in the oil-refining process