Definitions for "Hearings"
House and Senate Committee sessions in which testimony regarding legislation is received from interested parties.
Hearings are held by committees or subcommittees so that testimony may be presented by experts to members of Congress. Hearings may include published and visual materials, as well as spoken testimony and answers to questions.
Committee sessions for taking testimony from witnesses. At hearings on legislation, witnesses usually include specialists, government officials and spokesmen for persons or entities affected by the bill or bills under study. Hearings related to special investigations bring forth a variety of witnesses. Committees sometimes use their subpoena power to summon reluctant witnesses. The public and press may attend open hearings, but are barred from closed or "executive" hearings. The vast majority of hearings are open to the public. ( See also Executive Session.) Hereby Rule: ( See also Self-Executing Rule.)
The government and other authorities are required to hold hearings when they make decisions that are unfavorable to those concerned, such as revoking business licenses and dismissing officials they appointed, as is the case with Haruho Fujii, the chief of the Japan Highway Public Corp. A total of 229 such hearings were held in fiscal 2001 to explain why government decisions were made. Hearings are not held when government employees are forced to quit. Although he was appointed by the transport minister, Fujii is not technically a government employee and thus is entitled to an explanation from government authorities. A final decision on Fujii's status will be made by the transport minister on the basis of a report that will take the arguments made at the hearing into consideration.
Legal proceedings in which a workers' compensation judge discusses the issues in a case or receives information in order to make a decision about a dispute or a proposed settlement.
A fact finding public meeting called by the Commission to aid in the decision in individual applications.